Drinking Vessels of Viking Norway

Thanks to Michael Caralps Robinson,whose persistence has no limits. Introduction Dear reader,rather than a complete list of Norwegian drinking vessels of Viking Age, this short article is a summary of types of small personal drinking vessels and the sources we can use for learning more. Before making any step further, I have to stress that we […]

Typology of Fire Strikers From the Viking Age Norway

I would like to present my typology of fire strikers used in Viking Age Norway, more particulary 700-1000 AD. This typology is based on Jan Petersen’s book Vikingetidens redskaper (Petersen 1951: 433-438), the project UNIMUS and some new finds. The size of fire strikers varies from 4 cm to 14.2 cm. The most common lenght is between 7-9 cm. […]