Petersen type W sword

In the next article about swords, we would like to introduce the not yet well-known Petersen type W. As far as we know, this type of sword is rarely reconstructed among reenactors. In the following article we will describe, map and reveal this interesting type. Description Type W denotes a sword whose hilt consists of […]

Craftsmen #3

Vítám Vás u v pořadí třetího dílu série o řemeslnících! Tentokrát se zaměříme na výrobu mečů a představíme si svět mého přítele Jana Motyčky, který se již řadu let věnuje výrobě výborných zbraní pod jménem Elgur. Welcome to the third part of the Craftsmen series! This time we will focus on the production of swords […]

Petersen type M sword

Many Viking Age sword are richly decorated, which makes quality reconstruction very expensive. That is why I was asked by my colleagues to provide an overview of undecorated swords that would be more affordable to reconstruct. I chose Petersen’s type M for its simplicity and major representation among Scandinavian sword finds. Because this type is […]