Candle holders from Gokstad

In 1880, one of the two most magnificent mounds of the Viking Age was explored in Gokstad, Norway. Despite the extensive set of artifacts, including an almost complete ship, the whole find was published bilingually just two years later by Nicolay Nicolaysen. This haste has meant that the description of the objects is not detailed, […]

Typology of Fire Strikers From the Viking Age Norway

I would like to present my typology of fire strikers used in Viking Age Norway, more particulary 700-1000 AD. This typology is based on Jan Petersen’s book Vikingetidens redskaper (Petersen 1951: 433-438), the project UNIMUS and some new finds. The size of fire strikers varies from 4 cm to 14.2 cm. The most common lenght is between 7-9 cm. […]