Vikings were not racists, but …

In last few weeks, I had the chance to read several articles that connect Viking Age with racist and anti-racist movements of different countries. For a person living in the Czech Republic, whose re-enactment scene is not contaminated by racists and is more focused in authenticity, this is an incomprehensible problem. However, I feel the need […]

Lamellenrüstungen der Wikingerzeit

Übersetzt von Johannes Bühling. Das Thema Lamellenrüstungen ist unter Fachleuten und Reenactoren gleichermaßen diskutiert. Ich selbst habe mich bereits mehrmals mit diesem Thema auseinandergesetzt und Literatur gesammelt. Bei meinen Nachforschungen stieß ich auf praktisch unbekannte Funde aus Snäckgärde, das in der Nähe von Visby auf Gotland liegt. Die dortigen Funde existieren heute nicht mehr, aber […]

Viking Age crampons

For my entire reenactment career, I have encountered the problem of slippery shoe soles. Some reenactors solve the problem with rubber soles or metal hobnails, but these are not period solutions. Leather soles are extremely slippery on the wet or frozen surfaces, especially when they are a bit used and scuffed, which means the problem has […]

Interview with Rolf F. Warming

A few notes on Viking Age Shields Rolf Fabricius Warming is Danish archaeologist, whose studies have preeminently been on the subject of combat and conflict in the past, ranging from Mesolithic violence to organized state formation in the early modern period. He holds an MA degree in Maritime Archaeology and is currently finalizing his dissertation project […]