Inspiration #9, A Man From Birka

In the ninth part of the Inspiration series, we will introduce the costume of my friend Pavel Voronin, one of the leading Russian reenactors. Pavel, also known as Gunnar, is the leader of the NorraVind group, which is known for organizing a number of open and private events and for lending the equipment to museums.

Pavel represents the king’s representative based in Birka, about which Rimbert writes in The Life of Ansgar (Vita Anskari). The costume is dated to the period 890-940. The costume consists of a low cap, hood, tunic, trousers, wrappings, shoes, belt, sword hung over the shoulder, knife, bag, comb, whetstone, brooch, hammer amulet and ring. The objects are based on finds from the graves of Bj 750, 944 and 1074, but especially Bj 750. All textiles are made of high quality wool (Paul does not wear any linen) and is hand-woven and dyed with natural dyes. Pavel adds that hand-woven and naturally dyed garments are standard in Russia, and especially in his NorraVind group.

Since I have been writing with Pavel for some time (it is interesting that we write in Swedish-Danish), so I know that he takes reenactment very seriously and that he belongs to the absolute top of reenactment. He speaks Swedish and visits the National History Museum in Stockholm (Historiska museet), where he photographs and documents individual finds. On the server, he is the founder of groups on how to properly reconstruct the life in Haithabu and Birka, where he is trying to raise awareness of the Scandinavian finds. With his unique approach, he has shifted and still shifts the level of reconstruction in his country.

I would like to thank Olga Mazenkova for granting me permission to use her photographs and for detailed description of her costume. Here we will finish this article. Thank you for your time and we look forward to any feedback. If you want to learn more and support my work, please, fund my project on Patreon or Paypal.


Za poskytnutí fotek a za detailní popis svého kostýmu děkuji Pavlu Voroninovi.

I would like to thank Pavel Voronin for granting me permission to use his photographs and for detailed description of his costume.

Jeg vil gerne takke Pavel Voronin for at give mig lov til at bruge sine billeder og for detaljeret beskrivelse af sin kostume.

18. října 2020

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