The mail from Stromovka, Prague, Czechia

In addition to the St. Wenceslas armour, which is probably the best preserved mail of early medieval Europe, another not very well-known and poorly published armour found in Stromovka park comes from Prague. In the following text, we will briefly introduce thie find. The author of the article has long been striving for the opportunity […]

Stromovka type helmet from Pohansko, Czech Rep.

Introduction When the long-awaited and well-illustrated monograph “Břeclav – Pohansko. X., Sídelní areál na Severovýchodním předhradí : archeologické výzkumy v letech 2008-2016” from Professor Macháček and his team (Macháček et al. 2021) was presented at the end of September 2021, this book began to spread not only among academics but also across reenactor communities, which […]

Catalog of European helmets of 9th-12th century

The question of when I will write my first book, I have met regularly for many years, but the idea of ​​implementing this plan began to mature only in the last three years. When I ended my employment at the beginning of 2020 and became independent thanks to the help of sponsors, it turned out […]